I  wasn’t ready,

I wasn’t ready to see you,

But I looked anyway,

I got pulled in,

I stayed a little to long,

I waited for some time,

Gave you the some,

Added some late nights to it,

I rolled it up,

I smoked it too,

I asked You,

Did you have a clue?

Hollywood came knocking,

I wasn’t even west yet,

I wasn’t even won yet,

They came saying things in

Bright lights,

And explaining things like

I never had the right,

Raised on it,

On the rig,

And for the gig,

And the never ending

Empty fridge,

I came home just

To leave again,

My world was shaped by


Now its fading to,

I am up late,

On the rooftops,

For midnight did


Ten years of your influence,

Of your drugs,

Of you getting the credit,

Reading it on reddit,

Giving you the praise,

Cause you got away with it,

With feeding the fodder,

And melting it, like you’re older,

Yeah, I have the choice,

And I have chosen to

Hold onto it,

Every fear and every


Every memory of faking


Every time I wanted to tell

You what I was really thinking.

I am raised to,

Raised on fame,

Raised on my name,

Raised on my name standing

At the center,

The center of winter,

Ready for Spring,

And ready for Los Angeles

to tell me more,

To bring me in,

To betray me,


Stay raised,

Cause everyone has a start

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