Night 1

I have started all these documents,

I have started all the saved it,

I have clicked on it,

I have asked you for it,

I have made it one thing less

Then the other,

It could be love,

Or it could be each other,

It could be that you were raised

The same as me,

You never knew

Where that blood came from,

Where that skin got a little darkened,

I did click on it,

This is where it started,

Saw you lingering,

Saw you shaving,

Saw you never teaching me,

Saw you do the things only

A dad could do,

The limit is not on being a light,

It is on being a light while dealing with darkness.

I am up late, and wondering about you,

Where you are and where you’ve been.

You had the documents,

You turned them in,

You burned them out,

And saved it now,

I am out loud,

Cause silence has killed me,

I am up,

Night 1,

Waiting for you

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