The opening sentence is the hardest. For the web world and bloggers all over it has to have wit and punch and a half-truth.

“I was just on the airplane the other day and in the airport I saw Jennifer Lopez in the airport..LOL..I mean I saw George from Seinfeld but I wish it wasn’t him..”

Slow and moody music plays in the background. My life is getting turned upside down. I have never been one to tell you how long I have been at it but it seems to be getting better and better.

All of life has been about learning how to recover when you are running so fast you can’t keep up. You can’t even keep up with yourself.

Life has been about finding time to have some silence. Most would say a little bit of hope could carry them. I would say you have to slow down long enough to feel that.

I am sitting in this Starbucks by my house in La Verne. I am getting ready to socialize at a bowling alley. That reminds me of Colorado. Where I was just at for 2 weeks. Where every Friday night we went bowling.


Has everyone just played it real safe? Or were we raised to believe we could be better? Even better then those around us.

Everyone tells you that you have a voice. You can sing. You can write. You can create something at night. You can make it all with one phone call. But who are you anyway?

The thing that saves me is the thing that kills me. I can climb out with the same thing that got me stuck in the first place. So, what are you gonna do?

Pause. Pause and find out what is next or what is now that you are missing.

Cause my mind doesn’t slow down sometimes. I have to force the pause. I have to force the sitting sand of a reflective after life. No, I am staying. I am staying here. I am staying where it hurts. I am staying in this town. Maybe forever?

The point has never been about where you end. It usually has to do with who you end up with and where you will go together.

I have paused long enough now to know. I don’t miss the snow, but I will get those gloves if I have to. I don’t miss the rain, but I will stay soaked if I need to. I don’t miss all those players of this heart, but I do need another chance to find you. To get you to listen.

Pause and regret not doing it. Find some pause for the road. Your life is about to get wild and crazy. Your life is about to run you out of this place. You love safety and everyone knowing your name. You love the comfort of things staying the same. Maybe you should love not living in fear or regret. Pause and find out just exactly what is next.



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