Episode 14: Attack on Central City

Mercy is what has made you great,


So why did you ever hesitate?

You flashed with the lights,

You made it look bright,

She is the one that has your

Sight, your love, your past,

Your fast.

I had that too,

I climbed up top for

You, I spiraled down,

All around the town,

I chose you,

The one to be around,

Now mercy has the great,

The choose, the muse I cannot

Pass down to you,

Mercy has the lightning,

Has the storm,

Has made me with the Norm,

Cause I missed it with you,

I missed our coffee,

Our shine,

Our morning of passion

In the line.

Mercy has made the Flash,

A hero,

A mercenary no more,

Living in the moment,

Living like he is the one

Choosing it,

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