I used to let that control bounce off

You , I used to give you that power,

All my ammunition,

You called me ambition .

I was happy with second place 

I was okay with not taking up space.

I used to feel your lights 

Chasing behind me ,

University classes ,

Night time ashes ,

All I wanted was some fire ,

I started those for you,

I don’t think you knew ,

Nothing from me was ever 

On time,

Yeah I know love is the cure .But fear

Seemed so pure,

Seemed like doing nothing 

Was called resting 

And resting you called 


You called only ,

Now I’m lost cause I waited 

To long ,

For the smog to clear,

For your voice to get clear,

Now I was raised wrong 

Raised in safety 

That’s the problem

Now cause no one

Is slowing down,

If rest means doing 

Nothing then we are 

All sleeping..

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