1.99 plus 1.99 plus 7.99 times 2

Literally, everyone, quite literally. I literally am not good with math. I literally failed it in ninth grade. I was just in Colorado last week working, and it was and always is refreshing. I grew up there. I haven’t been back to many times 2004. That was when I graduated high school.

Just have to say that just getting all of your thoughts on paper..the screen..blog..book..life..

It is a challenge. It feels like it is worse to hide what you should say because you are afraid of what people will think if you really say it. It seems to be a slippery slope. Scripture is clear on a lot of things, and not. One thing that feels clear is how you talk. And how you talk comes from what is inside you.

I can listen. I keep listening. I keep digging and working. And what is the result of what I do? It should be that what I talk about will come from what is going on inside of me.

I fly high. I get up there. I get to see the clouds. I think they see me, but I chase them. Life is hard in the sense that seeing the numbers means seeing what is true. The numbers show you that you have the sense of math and you have the means to get the answer.

The more I travel. The more I move around. The more I look back at 10 years on this blog. The pain has remained the same, but the reward has increased. I have shared my challenges with my mental health. I am coming up on 4 years now of really living the best 4 years of my life. I am so over trying to be something I am not. Even if writing feels like I am hiding I would rather hide with you. I would rather try then feel like every equation needs to be perfected. Look…friends…

No one really likes being single for to long, but no one likes having a bad marriage either. We want an equation for everything. We want to be happy with what it brings.

Life may never be an equation but the plus plus the plus does become to equal abundance. A life that is not controlled by what others think. Keep thinking about this..

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