The Floor

Cause I am scream in

The middle of the night,

Cause I am the one that

Saw you soar,

But you left me sore.

Maybe everything all at once,

I can’t find you lying down

For me anymore,

Cause I was the one that

Got you off the floor,

I talked about it before,

I asked for it, too, for

You though, and through.

I used to think love was above,

And only there could you sit with


But not the earth has more resistance,

more persistance,

More of me that joins in with it.

I want you to see, now.

that the dirt is a mess,

The dirt is where I want

To rest..

I am in motion,

I am in slowly on the


Where you could come down

And sleep with me here?

I want what is real,

And that is no steal.

It is the ground where we

All walk,

It is the ground where I

Want you around.

So find me here,

Find me lying down.


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