Traveling around..Boise to Denver, Denver to Vegas, Vegas to home..

Poetic musings..

Your water it is always living ,
Your ocean it is always moving,
If anything to grasp,
It would be to hunger,
It would be to desire

You taught us to want more ,
To sleep on the floor,
To war on comfort,

Because easy lost me,
Resting as the blessing
Deceived me,

I was more of afraid of
Not falling asleep,
I should be more scared
Of not finding peace,

If I expect anything it should
Be for hunger to stay the same,
And to expect an easy ride,
Well I can’t but wonder
If that is the righteous
Adventure ,

Your path is narrow,
Your future very clear,
But today,
Today is the hardest part,

Ease spins like a disk,
But Your love demands my

19 thoughts on “Musings..

      1. You’re welcome. I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 yrs now. Your about page mentions 2014, is that when you started too?

      2. I grew up in Santa Barbara. My oldest daughter and most of my relatives still live in Cali. She’s a full-time missionary out there with Youth With a Mission – Los Angeles.

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