Yes, I miss those Mondays,
Those good old days,
Never knew I could get new
By just looking at you,
Cause Sunday used to wear me out,
How I could get it all in for the week,
All that sin to forgive,
All those banners to lift,
All those planners for me to give,
We were the daily kind of religion,
But you never had the same intuition,
I saw you choose that violence,
I saw you choose it over us,
I skipped you on Easter,
Cause she made me stay up late,
She made me work for it,
She was the one that took me
Am I any different cause I skipped
Your day?
Cause I got the same stones,
The same ones that need to
Be rolled away,
I was counting on mercy,
Even on a Monday,
I was counting on safety,
But Your love,
Your love has drained that
I had to skip you too,
Cause I am still lost in blue,
How is mercy ever something to
Lose, something to let go of.
I am skipping all those things I
need for you to fix,
Those benches, those wrenches,
Those days of trying to find You,
I am back on it,
The tracks you made,
The sounds you choose,
Love is not a mystery,
Its just not solving my
Problems anymore.
I will skip out on You a thousand
Times, I will reply yes to the disease,
The pleasure that sinks me,
The kind of edge that only
The night creates,
I will stand on that too,
Cause I am to lost in
The structure,
It is fading too,
All that you skip,
Those stones on the water,
It is fading too

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