Sliding Doors

I was gonna remember You,
When it was easier to see the
You just learned it,
When you never knew it,
I was the one you wanted.
I thought I was a little burden,
Or a bad shooter at best,
Cause I missed all the shots
You passed them off to me,
Now its older,
Somehow, bolder,
But this weather,
This now,
These storms,
That was You.
I miss the love,
From every source,
From every choice,
From every place I
You had the rocks,
You had the love,
You had the reasons to give,
Just some more,
Just some more.
I was trapped outside,
Looking in,
Running again,
Watching you wait
For the Rapture,
For the capture,
For the great redactor,
To edit you some new
I was going back to
To feeling good,
To feeling to good,
Museums I made,
Messes I would trade,
If it meant living better
Later on,
No, dad,
He loved the eschaton,
They lived for that
Life is better in the free fall
In the free flow,
In the ways we never
Learned how to grow,
I saw those slides,
I added some color,
I added some noise,
I recorded that poise,
That posture,
That capture.
Those doors were closed,
Those slides would erode,
Now those doors stay
Is the end really escape?
Or is going down,
No matter how hard it slides,
No matter how hard it
Live for the rapture,
But that escape you taught me,
Its made you smaller,
Not better.
I am sliding still,
Not looking for you to
Close everything for me.
I made these choices,
To walk through,
To choose You,
And I do.
I slide my own doors

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