Dad told us to wait for the rapture,

To wait for the final capture,

When all those skies would fade


When all those worries would

Shred away.

It it was a slideshow,

Then its about to snow,

Its about to get windy,

Its going without any


Its at you from every


It is coming down,

You’re going up hopefully.

If you were waiting,

Waiting like an elevator,

Waiting to go somewhere,

That somewhere with you,

With all the reasons I could

Never get off,

Those rides were wild,

You made everything never


Dad stored it up,

Saved it for nothing to

Get better,

If it was the rapture,

It was debt-free,

That kind of return was

Cost free,

That kind of resurrection

Did nothing for me.

If its the final capture

That you want,

Then get ready,

Then welcome to the party,

No one is going up

That easy.

Its the elevator that you are

Waiting for,

Its clear glass for all to see,

Its getting stuck just like

Bad luck.

If you want the rapture,

That’s what you are gonna get.

His hand has that trigger,

The only controller of

The elevator.


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