Ready For It

So I am up for the challenge,
Shaking you from college,
All those days I was studying
Just wondering about my
Saw you in the shadows,
Saw you from the meadows,
Saw you with the way things
Could have been,
Saw you moving up to the
Saw you living with the strangers
In your bed,
Saw you call me instead of
The others,
Saw you leave that behind too,
I see that challenge,
Its an empty road,
Its a risk filled
But safety is preemptive,
Is the assumptive,
Comfort for breakfast,
When empty is what you need.
Hunger is first,
hunger is the greater
I am ready,
Ready to leave this country,
The stress,
The noise,
The way you looked at me.
I am ready for Africa,
Ready for the empty,
Ready to get hungry
Off living for Your empty.

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