Raised, 2

I said I didn’t have a say,
I said I could pass it up,
When you passed that cup,
When I was stirred up,
Passionate to say the least
It was a never ending feast,
I always said, ‘no good for me,
No good at the sales story,’
We had a little hard time back
Then, sold those calendars for
Dinner, for lunch, for another
Holiday of living like the rest,
I said I had no say over those things
I was young then, I was younger then,
I was fitted to thing,
I had no sink to sit in
No water to drain, to
Drain again,
You were the one,
You were the holder of the family,
Of those love keys,
Now I am 31 and growing up,
Or I am just grown,
But I hate a couple things about
Being older,
Its that love like the boulder
That used to crash down on me,
That love that was a constant crush,
That was a constant rush to my
I am older and far away from how
I was raised,
I am far, far away from those days,
I am the one that you want now,
I am the vision you saw,
I am the vision that was dreamed up,
Now I hate it being grown without a
A home called wisdom,
A home called expansion,
Called mansion is overrated,
All I know is that I am the one
You chose,
I am the one real close to Ya,
I am the one that was raised by you,
I just can’t get some memories out
Of my head,
But yours are the one’s I should keep,
So I thought I was close to calling it
A quits,
I am at the line closest to the end zone,
But I am the one,
I am the one charging in,
And saying no to quitting,
I am the one that is still
And you got to know,
It all started with You,
It all started with making some
Sales as a kid,
Making that money to save
Us, making that money to
Learn a thing or two about
Cause now I am older,
I am bolder,
I am louder now,
And its all because of You.

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