I never did have it clear,
If you were the one I wanted to fear.
I had a little view of the future.
I had no clue it was Yours.
i just couldn’t wait to get on that stage,
To write the next page,
To be the one to raise that flag.
They all voted for me
Like I was secure,
Like I was for sure.
It did soon diminish,
The light covered in darkness,
You had the waiting room
Cleared for me,
For those that had some trauma,
Some pain without assurance.
I saw the raised ways,
I saw you save little anyway.
I just couldn’t wait for my first camera,
For the first capture,
Then came that talk of the
And the slides in the sky
That could go into place,
That would slide up and
Slip away from this place.
Did you ever think it was His?
Or were you to busy watching TV,
That’s what everyone seems to do best.
The final capture,
The future rapture,
The future you raised me
All I know is, the future,
It belongs to You.

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