Raised In The Sun

I was up on it for a while,
Growing with you, it was the wild.
I used to find that too,
Found it out with You.
I was before the after,
You wanted the Rapture,
You asked for the final capture,
The final of the slides,
To come down one by one.
To be the one to Rule the All.
I was raised by that kind of thinking,
Yet I was never saving it up.
I gave that pure love away,
I saw those brown eyes for
Much to long,
I had that childish love,
She was the one the stole it
All anyway,
I wanted the run,
The wild fun,
The midnight sun to
Keep me up,
I was raised by the 24-7
I was building that temple,
It was worth all the while,
It seemed escape,
It seemed an ache to never
I was dry and dirty without You,
I was just a child with no city to
Live in, to Reign in,
You lifted me up,
Drowned those tears,
Dried it up,
Died it up,
Tied me up with obligation.
I was the center of Your prophecy,
I was the one to build your fire,
To keep it on burn,
On earn,
On yearn.
I was raised by all of this,
But what is next?
Is it pleasure,
Is it all that your body has to offer?
Is it sneaking around this town
Like people want me caught?
Is it bought, that blood of Yours?
Is it free, that love of Yours?
Cause I haven’t gotten this far
Without it costing me everything.
Cause Your sun, it is raising me to,
It is setting for now,
But You have the all on the
Stay up with me
Is all I ever wanted to say to you,
Stay here all night is what
I was trying to get right..
Don’t let my trips throw you off,
Pick me up in style,
Keep it worthwhile.
I was raised by risk,
I was raised with a blank disk.
I was raised to make some music for
I have the morning for You,
I have this life and it is raising me too.

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