Numbers For You

This series I am working on has to do with a lot of choices of the past. Connecting child hood raising with getting older and making choices on your own.

I wanted me to live longer
But I feel the death,
It feels like a short,
A short on cash,
Short on the hash,
Short on the growth it takes
To get taller and better then the
Love I was given,
I thought I could stick with it,
I could stick with you,
And you were the one that slid
You were the one that got away,
I am the one that was up waiting with You,
And for You.
I had this series already written,
Mom and dad played the biggest part
Of all,
The the stage changed,
Then the page changed,
Then I got older,
Then I chose 18,
Then I chose to not swing
And to bottle it up instead.
I just had a lot of me time,
A lot of alone world to live
In, now I wish I could take
That back,
 Wish it would hurt less to
Say yes to love, cause they
All were cute and pretty,
They all were there,
Living in the glory
Without me,
God never told me to love you
Like that, He also never told me
Anything about where to choose
And who to use,
And who to ride as long as
The ride would last,
Cause I at all your food,
I changed all my mood,
Then it crashed,
Then it hit space heater
I couldn’t press delete or
Even bounce back,
That was just a Satan attack,
But my mind was whack
And it was renewed eventually,

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