Thought you would be the one,

Be the one to save me,

Be the stay in the stay with me.

I was just trying to assess,

Trying to assess my weakness,

It was always for you, it was always me and You.

Now I am trying to continue all those days that don’t

Have you,

Now I am staying up all night waiting for the next

Flight, I know you never liked me traveling, and moving

Around so often,

It felt like a coffin,

Like a dead zone for you to sit in,

But I wanted to be the one to do the things I

Try to love.

My life is in circles,

Its a virtual tour,

Its a daily explore,

So maybe you should stop being so afraid,

So afraid of things changing.

I just wanted to continue,

With or without you.

I just wanted to let go of trying to

Find you, or trying to show up just

For you.

I know you like the stage,

I know you like the attention

I know you will never forget to mention

All the reasons you wanted to stop this,

But I can’t be the one to make you continue on,

I need to move on too,

Past you, past summers, past fireworks,

Past everything that ever was great about trying

To figure you out.

I wanted the wild kind of prayers to pray,

I wanted the wild kind of love for You

I wanted the summers to stay free as

Long as there was a you and me.

Maybe I am still writing about the same themes

Of my youth,

Maybe I am done looking for the proof.

I am hooked on more than a feeling.

I am hooked on believing.

I am not faker,

I am no taker.

I am no perfect kind of lover.

I just wanted an edge to stay on,

I just wanted friend to lean on.

I just wanted another someone,

Cause I got to much to say these

Days to keep it in, to keep it deep

Inside of me.

I am going to continue,

Even if it seems like its without you,

You already took up my time,

Took it all up,

Now I am still bad at growing up,

And not accepting what must continue.

It is real to be here, and it is without you.

And that is fact that will continue.

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