Spam Followers

It was the latest of inventions. It was the greatest of intentions.

It wasn’t anything anyone said. It was all in the things I did.

No one started this but You. You are capitalized, and you are in the sunrise.

You are this reflection, cause its about to go a different direction.

I am not abstract enough to tell you I can’t be specific, and when I am specific it isn’t just about one thing. Read this enfp article: ( just ask me).

We do have our ways of never saying exactly what we mean and think and that feels way to much of an excuse to creatively lie, or insult people.

I am afraid of wisdom. Maybe it is because that’s all you have ever told me to go after. I am sitting here in Kansas City on a trip remembering that this blog and a million other memories and ideas started in this city. 2007 marked the year of the Ruckus and many other revelations, and where do I stand 10 years later?

Who is really following me? Who is a real follower and who is spam?

I mean I am after the real but most of my emails aren’t. And if Facebook is a church to attend then everyone goes and no one really knows if you stop going, but everyone will know when your life gets jacked and messed up..and then you should stop showing up.

I am up late taking to a blog world that probably is listening closer then those around me, but fear, see fear is the intention that stays the same. Fear is the mother of invention. You invent to survive. You invent to stay safe and you seem to follow anything and anyone that keeps you living a little bit easier then you did before.

I don’t want the spam. If God is an equation and if hunger starts the conversation then I feel I must start talking and asking again and again. Is just my life and its experience, is that enough to have a message? Because there seems to be a reason why I can’t just make it all spin around back to me and something I did, and someplace cool that I lived, it has to be about You, God, and what you started in us.

You are not spam. You are the one worth following. I will climb and drown and get close to dying a thousand times. It might feel like its fake, or to fake to be real, or to hard to be worth it, but following rarely isn’t anything but the best thing.

My intention is love even though it looks like fear. My invention is not anything I came up with, but it is asking for a wise voice to have, to not fear it..

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