Life, part 1.

This is the life I want to live
This is the place I have to give,
I had a home for so long
It never did last long..
You chose the smog,
You left the cog of safety,
You drove here like crazy,
You circled the mountains,
You sat and stayed up waiting
For the commands,
Clapping both hands,
Staying in the stands,
Who was the one that was the better of men?
I wanted to move to,
Out west, to the best,
For the rest,
It faded and It was jaded
Love I felt towards you,
I wanted life to take a hold of me,
But death had a different story to
A different time to ignite.
So, I stayed, I stayed in that fight,
I stayed in it with you.
I lived better for you,
I lived in general,
Because it was for You,
Now I am still around,
Still need the grace to
But I am not here for much longer.
I used to be so afraid of change,
Now I am more afraid of not changing at
All you ever said was speaking to my
That what I really needed was balance
And patience,
It sounded so true for a little while,
That all of life was better at a slower
Pace, at a stand still.
Yes, I was ill
Yes, I was sick.
But it was because I listened to
Much to you.
I packed my bags,
I packed every secret away,
I ran away from that midnight safety,
Where I was building it all for You,
For your night and day,
I was burning it all day,
I was up for it all night,
I was waiting for things to feel better
In the right,
I was the one fulfilling your prophesy,
As if all of it came down to night and day,
As if that was the only way?
I felt that life to,
I wanted that life to,
I got this life that is without you,
I am lost still in finding my way,
So, still, and so, so sweet,
This today, is the life to lead,
Is the way to succeed,
Life is the source,
Life is the chore,
Life is the cure,
Life needs to come back to
Staying so sweetly, and so greatly

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