High Life

I just want it all.

The high life,

The high flights.

I saw you mom,

Live in the air,

You came down

You came near

But you were always living up there.

I missed those eyes,

Red as always,

Dried with thin

Colorado air,

I missed you,

I missed the here.

I am lost sitting here

Thinking I could go back.

What was I missing?

All our talks about getting

Away and going anyway?

I was clicking the clock

And hiding the socks,

Sick of the same thing


Now the higher life

Has come near me,

Has come to me,

And where am I?

Where will I still be?

I missed all the things about you

And I think I still do,

You made that summer

Worth it, you made it like

I won’t forget it,

It hurt like a mother—

Cause even she can’t fix

This mess,

I am high,



The questions,

Where will you be?

Will you be up there-

High with me?

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