Maybe I’d be the worst criminal,
The worst animal you’ve ever seen.
I am done moving on with you in
You get the backseat now,
I was hearing those lower voices from
I was trying to stay upstairs all those
Nights, all those fights,
All those brights you never found.
Maybe I thought I was bought
By you,
A better risk was the better you,
I just don’t know what is worse
Death with no hearse,
Blessings with no curse,
Reward just for trying,
Just to avoid the already
Dying truth,
Faith needs no proof,
Intention needs no
But I wanted it to last a little longer,
A little longer than it did,
A little longer only because of you,
I am still the criminal here
Cause I am letting you in,
In my head,
In the dead,
In the sin that spins..
None can clean it but Him,
So my crime is seeing you still,
Now that it would never be real,
But it was,
But it had been,
But I am in the dead pan,
I am ready to rob again,
To steal without any fear,
Or any kind of care,
I no reward is never clear
What it is or what it will be,
Its just there,
Up in the air,
For that future fear day,
Burn day,
When all is made clear,
Risk was in the making,
So was the love,
So was all that I had laid
Out for you,
So my crime is imagining
You, imagining the way it
Could have been,
My crime is being criminal,
Being the one to rob you
Of all of this,
But what kind of fun is
This life if it doesn’t involve
A little risk?

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