7 Days

I am pulled into it.
I want to be loud, like real loud.
7 days until you say forever,
Can’t break that bond, ever!
Was a bad brother,
Had a better mother,
We had some shit for furniture,
We had a much better future,
We had not hired photographer,
No live camera collector,
We had that dad talk by the theater,
We had that talk of the rapture,
That hope filled final capture,
That kind of blessing no one gave
A crap about anyway,
Because–daily, got in the way–
I am broken still,
And passing you still,
Windy and winding down,
Ready for me–
Am I the high that you had?
Am I the sky that led you bad?
Cause I miss taking the time
To stare at it too–
I am at the verge,
And the edge,
I am comfortable with me
Now, and If I see you soon
I will be the zoom
And the speed that you need.
I had a feeling,
I was always your ceiling,
Using me like a cap,
Like a rap you couldn’t
Write yourself,
I was the rhyme and the rhythm
You needed to survive,
The honey in the bee
I was working, always,
To build your temple,
To steal your shovel,
Cause every word ended,
With plows and shares,
And war ending tares,
And which victory did
I get to choose?
Cause 7 days is a much
Longer maze,
Is a better set of 70’s,
And tragedies,
So, where are you now?
Windy Chicago,
Calling me late,
When I had a ton on
My plate,
When she wasn’t gonna
Stay anyway,
Cause everything was
Higher in L.A.
Dark over the light
Over the night–
Like I was the autopsy,
Fulling your prophecy,
I was problem mental,
Body like a rental,
Where is that second death anyway?
It was on the weekend getaway?
The Friday night stay–
The final Babeling,
The final spelling of
That name we would never
That laughing taboo,
No, I mean just laughing
Was like a boo,
Like a hush,
Like a save it for heaven,
When no one will disagree.
Like I had a spell,
A spell on me,
Like magic,
And black cats,
Like fences and
Snap chats,
Like everyone just
Wants a filter for
Everything, a faded
Color for nothing of
7 days until you say yes,
Yes to the magic,
And that pain will
Be forever,
A little sun,
A little begun,
Like laughter now,
Cause was it all that
Like would I get paid for
Speaking right,
Or staying up all night?
Did you drive me down
And keep me up?
Did you freeway it up?
Cause few have stayed,
And many have left,
And the crowds still
Shatter the same..
I hope you get a little bit
More than 7 days.

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