When Do I

7 days,
7 years,
Came to an end!
I was waiting for the change,
For the greatest of the rearrange,
I was finding the lose change,
I was asking for the better of the
And the better of the future I could
Barely see,
Why are you always the one I see when
I close my eyes?
I used to fear the fear that came with the night,
That came with not getting it right,
Yeah, I am up late, 11:30pm,
Waiting for the am,
Asking to dream again,
Napping on the out and the
Wanting it to begin,
A new love,
A new kind of above,
Cause its been a little to
Heavy above me,
I am afraid of losing the sleep,
Rather now I am more scared of
Losing the peace that got me
Here to begin with..
So cross those arms wide open,
Open them again with no words
You are the faded of the beauty,
You are the one I see when I
close my eyes

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