The Capture

The sleepless nights used to scare

Me , the light and it’s scarcity,

The peacelesss life now scares 

Me more,

I watched you pack and unpack 

All those dreams ,

I watched you sit still much to 


I used to think the stay was better 

Than the go,

I used to dream happily ever after,

I just heard you talk about the rapture 

Like it was the final capture

Like it was the end of all things,

I accepted all those beds you bought 

For me,

I just couldn’t accept all that comfort 

You stored up for me,

I was always wanting the more,

I was always sleeping on the floor,

Movies on repeat to drown out

Those so called good memories.

I know I said yes to building it,

The movement and the motions,

The endless nights spent lost 

In devotion, 

The sunrises with breakfast as dinner,

The cure was for the lost sinner like 

Me trying to be free,

You made the ache,

You made the happily ever after ,

You got the keys,

Your the anchor in the rapture ,

You are the final capture

And this city is continuing,

It is gonna continue with You

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