The Last Time

I am sitting. Most of you do this when you write. Most of you don’t care if I sit, or stand, or write anything in my sleep..just don’t think about sleeping through this.

I am sitting in Dallas. The next sentence is why? Why are you in Dallas?  I am working. And that seems to be the understatement of the year!

This blog has existed for a decade and I sort of stopped a long time ago telling people every detail of why I am doing what I am doing, so usually you have this part of any post that apologizes for not giving any context. And it is sort of humorous to pretend like you are so important you need to keep your life a secret. LOL…

Just let me use LOL in a paragraph.

I had this sensation today. I am sitting down and drinking I think what is called Ruta Maya Coffee at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Usually this airport drives me crazy only because Dallas does all by itself. I have a sort of 5 hour layover right now because of the way things were today.

It is a time to realign myself with what is important. Not that I have lost it but life moves so quickly and even saying that it moves fast scares as much as the sensation of what you are saying. Ironic how you talk about slowing down in an airport.

Theology: We have this story in Luke 10 about the women who wasted herself at the feet of Jesus. The infamous verse 42 tells us, “One thing is needed..” The story as well as the other Gospels that tell it sort of make us feel like doing anything is unacceptable and all that can matter is sitting at the feet of Jesus. It can seem like doing a lot is not the same as impact. So, what is really going on here?

This passage is not about sitting still verse doing things all of the time or choosing to be still verse choosing to work. Those are way to broad of theological ideas to conclude that this one passage is the end-all-say-all on rest. This is not a theological exposition. I am not sure if I ever want to make this blog that way, but I do love the word. I want to understand it. I need help to see that that one verse is revealing itself in a busy world.

Back to this: the theology of sitting never is a clear vision. We just know its needed. It is never going to look like the person next to you. Part of living free is actually not living like others. It is living like Christ with others. This is not to say we don’t imitate righteous people or those that are Godly, but we do not fall into the snare of comparison.

When was the last time you enjoyed coffee? When was the last time you sat and reflected on what seems to play more of a larger place in your life? I am using seems because maybe you don’t know exactly but you know the closest thing to this answer.

Movies: I always find a way to make things about art and specifically the medium of film. I always am watching and somewhat conflicted all the time with how much energy gets devoted to movies. I mean in my life but clearly in all of our lives. It is clear that film and television pull us way closer then we would ever want and cause us to obsesses over its messages(s).

Films are probing you toward a value system. They are repeating and vomiting on you some kind of value. They are inciting you and provoking every kind of emotion we have as people. If you are one of those people that don’t pay attention to the message then don’t read this. And by the way, that is never true. People see clearly what the message is most of the time they just don’t always connect it to their life or choose to connect it. So, yes I am a movie person and for it, and for art because I aspire in my own life..

I could talk for is the point. Rest creates awareness to what matters. Films and television are going after the story of people, and what are people about. We will always be prompted to choose what matters over what does not. We will always find characters forced to do the right thing and this force is from their own conscience and usually driven by love.

Are you slow down? Are you saying it right? Do you slow down?

When was the last time you were slow enough to catch the meaning behind a film or a show. No, you just watch it to get away from life and responsibilities and your kids yelling all day! No, you just go to church and skim the passages that you hear without sitting with them. It may feel like a weird irony but start with Luke 10. Sit with a passage that is telling you to sit at the feet of Jesus. Or you can read about John the Baptist and wander the deserts of Palm Springs. But, seriously, I say it to me as well to you. I am not in this for the last time. I am not in it to give up, but you got to say goodbye to the wrong things and say hello to what matters.

I am not promoting extremes although that is a personal struggle. I burn everything and say NO and plaster all my commitments for everyone to see! No, but taking some serious steps toward change.

If I have learned anything in my 30 some years of life and especially coming out of years of dealing with depression and anxiety( of which I still battle) it is that action toward the right thing is really the only way to change.

It has to be the last time you motivate yourself with fear and shame. Those two thing alone will keep you stuck and ruined and anyone that calls those two things a path to being Holy is deceived. I am not all about the devil credit lingo where we engage in this mindset that everything is a sword fight with a demon or the devil Himself. Not even Jesus fought the devil( sort of….) but really..if you want to embrace the lies of the enemy then I do agree that fear and shame are demonic..but you don’t hunt after them with rebukes or with a system of deliverance( not usually) say Yes not one last time, but a million times to what is true.

This has to be the last time you make an excuse and the last time you beat yourself up and the last time you rob yourself of life by worrying.

But don’t let that genuine feeling I had today called having a cup of coffee in a place that has made me the slow down. The slowing down..I will say it right the thing that you don’t experience because of the rush life has you going in.

This won’t be the last time you hear about this.




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