30 Dollars for Parking

Intro: do I need to say this..Hey, I am back. Because I am gone and back and back and gone all of the time. I love the fact that not everything is to be loved about technology. We all know that is has its weaknesses and bad results can come from it. The rise of cyberbully movies( one called that from ABC Family), has us looking at how traumatized people can be over it. So, use this blog for good, and use your writing for good. Even when you express negativity and criticism it is a good thing if we can learn from it. So, hear me now. I am so busy but not busy enough. Writing has changed you cause at least you can read this, right?

I was just in Chicago a month ago. I love that place and have not been to many times. My cousin got married October 2015 and I was able to make a fun recap video with a tablet. A longer and much funnier story would have to be why I had a flip phone at that time. Thanks Dan for the tablet!

It was 30 dollars to park each night in Chicago in the week that I was there. I guess I don’t go to the downtown often. And the funny thing was on the radio that week someone was saying that Chicago is the most expensive place to park. I wasn’t even in downtown either.

All to say it makes me think that part of life is paying for something that seems unfair. It feels really unfair to give a hotel money and they say its a discount but then to pay just to stay at that kind of rate.

What are you going to do with the extra money? I mean, am I going to save that 30 dollars times 5 and put it somewhere that will have nothing to do with parking?

I am not sure. But what I feel like I am learning is how to be mad about the right stuff. It does matter where money goes. It does matter where it stays. I am not going to worry about parking. I would rather fly everywhere. With a cape. With superhero colors. My cape is being dry cleaned anyway so I am off super hero duty. Try to figure out if I am like that really small meta-human percentage of society and I can actually do something like that.

I am not paying for parking anymore, but I will pay to stay. To stay for the right reasons. To stay here and work it just a little bit more.

You can’t develop and grow without it costing you something. So, here we go. It is time to work.



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