You got the goods,
You got the roots,
You got the shoots to be completed,
Cause all of life is to be captured.
Your life ending with the raptured.
I do have it,
But do you?
Do got enough of better
To get through this weather?
Cause your umbrella is broken,
And your ripped up seats have
Been spoken?
I wish you wouldn’t have told be
About Italy, cause you know I love
That future destination.
Is life better now,
Or that Texas preacher full of it!
Even is some is true,
My life is still turning blue
And black and bruised from
All the time I have spent
Trying to live for You.
I had the goods?
I had the word, the life,
And the meditation.
And all the dedication you
Poured into me.
You called it love
And progress.
I opened up and expected
You to show up. To take me
Back there under the night
To tell me all of why,
and little of what,
And more reasons why
You moved in with deception
And now she is moving through
All of us, and taking us with her
I got no roots,
Cause lust has crowded
In, and Houston was a burning
Dream, with a thousand problems
To scream.
Is this to much for you to hear?
Cause I got a lot left to capture,
A lot left before the final

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