The Lines are still long

I have this bias towards film. And is something that has been expressed over and over on this blog. 2008 was really the first year I started trying movie reviews. I had a whole post on Lars and the Real Girl. It was the summer of Get Smart, Iron Man, The Hulk, exc.

When I was in the elementary school days we lived across the street from Carmike 10 in Fort Collins. Right next to Horsetooth Lanes. I think it called Chipper lanes now. Those years were spent waiting in line to see Star Wars remixed or whatever. I was 10. I had this keen awareness then as I do now that films came out and people watched them no matter what financial situation they were in. Movies were the ultimate place to gather no matter what. I am sure in desperate times people would sneak into movies.

Movies still play this role in my life. I think as a believer you view it differently and yet the same as others. I think as believers we have more opportunity to see where people are at and observe what they believe. We live in a glorious tension because not everything needs to be seen. However, the protest syndrome, over certain films like Beauty and the Beast( of which I still need to see) also gag all of us because the uproar from believers just seems somewhat inane and hypocritical. I don’t want to go off on all of that right now. Plenty of us watch Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Plenty of us( myself included) got way into Breaking Bad. All of these are questionable in their ethics and graphic material. I am a fan of good story telling and realities that come with them, but you do have to weigh if seeing the complexity of evil transcends seeing evil in a way that is not worth just seeing the good story..yikes..complicated( to be continued)

The lines last night were long. The lines were long when I saw Spider-Man. The lines were long when me the homeboys from work saw Baby Driver. The lines have always been long. So what is the point? Are we just checking out? Is depression really taking over so that most people just numb out and 1 and every 5 films has the mental illness thread? Is the Time’s Magazine article that just came out warning us that medicine isn’t working even if we want it to? What is going on?

I am loud about one thing. And how loud is based on how hungry. God satisfies. God replaces what we think does and puts Himself in the center of our desires. If one message needs to be preached more it is the bread of life, the living water..

You need food and God gives it, but what you really need is Him. People are hungry. Hungry for truth. Hungry for risk. Hungry for adventure. Life has become fearfully and wonderfully complex!

You think its wrong to crave story when you are just getting started but the subtext of all drama and tragedy is that God is the source of healing. We will pay an endless amount of money on whatever we think will do the trick.

Isaiah 55:2 “Why do you spend…?…on what doesn’t satisfy.”

I am not after the one answer to fix it all because God does give us the choice to choose how to spend our money and how many long lines to stand in. Please don’t be counting down to black Friday where you inevitably will spend less time with your family shopping for a big screen television. You don’t need it. But what do you need?







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