Prelude to this: Follow me or not. Set in current time( give or take 12 hours) Follow me on this journey of life and the tension of right and wrong. A lot can happen in a day..

Was in a spin,
Had the win,
Had you on the in,
Had you for the spin,
Do you want this?
Do you got the in,
Club checked,
And curb checked
For it,
Cause everyone is short
On cash,
Short on the hash,
Loaded up with that card
Living the hard,
Without you in it,
I was in it for some lust
In it for some rust,
Cause you could never
hear the way these brakes
Or the way they speak,
They are asking you to come
To maybe stay over?
I was thinking,
 I should have stayed blinking
Until they faded,
And that was my intention.
You got the was,
You are the past
Because, because
That was last night
And that was the last night
Of that affair..

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