Gotta Go

Part of the 60 Days of Poetry…Continued from Spin and Was..

Was like was,
That was you,
That was then,
That was when we called
It young my friend.
I saw that border
Pretty close,
I saw you in the dark
With your eyes closed.
I thought we could still
Be friends,
But that has to come to an end.
I had the source,
And it told me life,
Told me water,
Told me about the Living
I was walking those streets,
And carrying those stock
I was flipping my phone
Thinking of those days
When I didn’t need anything
But you,
I took those pictures,
Of those cheap clothes,
I took those pictures and
Stayed a little longer for you
To tell me about your future.
You wanted to travel, girl,
Travel it with me, too,
I just, had, to, go..
And get ready for
The next show.
I had to set the glow,
I had to talk about the
Cause I had it going with
You, now I got to stop texting
You at midnight,
And giving you the bright
And first thing, first in the
Morning hello,
Baby, I got to go,
I gotta let it go,
I gotta delete you now,
I gotta notice,
You getting older over
I gotta go,
I got to get out of El Paso.

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