60 Days: El Paso

This is following this story. Real time events following the end of being in El Paso August 18th( Friday).

El Paso

I was getting high on expectation
Where was I in the end,
I was going back to the beginning.
I saw you in the wataburger,
I saw the sun fading too,
I told everyone I was holding
It in.
I was starting to wonder about
Real friends, and where would
That begin.
I used to be more scared of the end.
The end of close,
The end of the reel,
The end of the feel.
But now I can’t kneel at
Those maps,
Or those naps.
Cause I am trying to sleep
Less, and live a little more.
I told you I ain’t got time for ya,
You could turn those price tags
Over for me,
Or I could be the master of this
Pain, and do everything the same.
Same old never asking Ya,
Same old carry me on the
I was getting tired of sleep.
Cause I got nothing to wake
Up to.
I was getting tired of Fridays
Without Ya,
But this break away is the best
Of the days.
I remember the skating days,
And the skating ways.
I am not alone in that center
Ice. Dad was trying to stay
Center. Center on me. Center
On the free. That ice time
Costed all your time.
Now you got another edge
Going on,
Now you got another fear
Til that eschaton.
I am not ready for you to
Call it quits,
And I am not breaking away
From you anymore.
Friday morning is the despair,
The repair.
The sunrise in the air.
Goodbye to El Paso.
Good bye to passing by
I am high on expectation.
The future is now.


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