60 Days: Saturday

I was doing the right thing,
At the wrong time.
I was telling you hun,
That I was ready for done.
I woke up with a messy room.
The one that stays left,
And is never right,
Blaming the night,
Taking the next flight.
I was ready to touch down.
I was ready for another town,
Another check in,
Another check out,
Another stay here and
Let you call me later.
This started with a spin,
A violent turn,
A twisted yearn for
But now I am in it,
I am awake with you
Telling you the truth.
I ate the proof.
I burned those receipts.
I tore it all down,
I stayed in the deceit.
Messy room to wake
Me, but a new
Mind to greet me.
Control time and find
The Rhyme,
But there is no way now
To turn around.
I am not going back.
I am Pasadena today.
I am back in L.A.
I am headed another way.
And that way is unknown.

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