60 Days: Wandering

Monday Aug. 21st–Real time reflections..

Could it be on the slow?
Tired of feeling like hey, I am on the go!
All the travel for the taking,
All the adventure for the raising.
I can’t keep up,
Unless you tell me to grow up.
Had the Monday rush,
After the Sunday hush,
After taking a nap,
And asking for an example.
Weren’t you ample?
Weren’t you the primitive
I was a monkey once,
Then an ape,
Then a cape to
Cover this robot of
Then I was the foreigner
Says Israel,
Watch the real,
Seal the reel,
Feel the steal,
You aren’t like any other,
Any other kind of lover!
Monday to soon,
Songs on the play rush too,
Denver airport,
Eclipse in the sea ports,
Forgot the goggles,
Forgot to google this
Can’t you just be the one
To tell me,
Tell me how to see?
Cause I am like Monday now,
Better, higher, worn and torn,
I feel like I am a foreigner,
Lost in this strange land called
Called utopia,
Called struggle,
Find me now,
Find me wandering,
And walking, into a new day..

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