60 Days: Finding Thursday

Thu. 9-14 late night 9pm. Flight delayed one hour…
Saturday..tell me more,
This day was special,
Cause you were the one.
You were the seven billion sum.
The brighter than the sun.
I am trying. God knows I am
Trying to settle back,
And settle this attack.
This brain is out of whack.
And so is the family.
So are the friends.
So will be the end,
When will that begin?
Everyone is fading.
I promised a two month
Episode, but its fading fast.
I can’t keep this up for you.
Clothes are washed, and all
For You, all so you would stop
Second guessing.
Yes, I started sweating around
You, but I started the run.
Found the fun,
Never gonna have it soon.
Feel the power of later
And waiting, cause that’s
Got me falling and failing for
You got a lot of you not seen
On here. You got less for me to
Wonder. You got a beautiful figure.
I’ve lost all it now.
Can we get that gym bag life back
Or those capri pants back,
Or that red dress in the center
Cause all I have is this fast paced
Place. This airport of diversity,
This hurricane of tragedy,
This spinning electronica.
I can’t wait for more ideas to
Come. Its Thursday. They are
Here. I am still asking when is
Tomorrow cause I am gonna
Feel it soon.
Would you be the one to
Get found too.

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