60 Days. Middle of This.

Now I find myself pulled into this ..
HOTEL life,
Clean towels
Living not right.
Do you want health,
Or do you love the hell?
I don’t have these answers I seek
I am trying to tell you about the 23rd of August.
How 8 has always meant new beginnings
And new winnings.
And those diamond eyes proved true.
I gotta be different.
I gotta stop talking about
Her and him and they and that
And all that ever was past!
Had that flip phone once.
Had it for prevention.
Thought it was there for
I was slowing down my life
So you could tell me the steps
It would take to get better.
8 whole ones. 8 in August
and 8 in January. And who ever
Did show up to graduate me?
Cause the real was past the steel
and the metal,
And the kettle kind of rage that
Was cooking in me.
Because life is hotel.
Life feels like its own kind
Of hell. No one praised the
Smoke rising or the snow
Falling. Everyone bears that
Fantasy too.
I am in process.
In progress.
In the middle of something
Big developing..

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