Trying and honestly living it,

Trying and finding the fail is in 

The sails.

I was afraid like the shade tree you 

Make, like all this talk of coming here 

For the cake. Is the king here?

Is the trying the sale, cause I’m making 

Those daily.

I was thinking that when this thing started

You were gonna get this started, you 

Were gonna get it going.

I stayed for pool, I played the fool,

I played that love somebody song,

I failed at trying to keep you all 

Night long.

Now I’m wandering in the rust

From that car you never cleaned up,

From that act you never did change.

I always say all this change is 

A rearrange cause I remember that 

Couch love we had, now I’m trying not 

To be bad but it’s to late for those lies.

I’m trying to live Holy, but I’m trying to

Live too,

Risking that better view I had of you.

Trying to not respond to your breaking

Brain, and trying to live with that pain.

Trying, babe, to move on. Telling you this is

Now, this is every fall day without You.

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