60 Days: Spin here..

60 Days.

Caught in it


Now it’s essential my life 

Is elemental 

I’m the one you fight for 

Feel me limited 

Call me gifted ,

I am gonna use this

Use all.of it,

I was getting in,

Waiting for the fly in ,

Asking for the begin,

Calling you my friend,

Can anyone see these words 

And call it faithful,

Call it true.

I had some video watch,

Some love to live.

Your mercy is no edit ,

Cause I’ve read it and it’s a

Living magic.

I said I would be dead without you,

I would struggle to get away ,

That love you showed it 

Will be displayed.

The clouds were darkened,

The streets I saw and walked on.

I’m getting emotional cause

All I did was lose control .

Make these airplanes, please.

Give me some lift,

Some gift,

Some pain to shift,

Turn by surprise,

You own this sunrise..

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