Tight Rope

Walking that tight rope

Giving you all my hope,

Talking like I was walking


Like I never had a home.
Your love was mobile,

That house was unstable,

Bad was the furniture,

Better was our future.
I learned how to fear because

Of you . I learned how to

Hide and never ask why .
I was in love with the sensation

I so hated all the hesitation.
Now I am older, a little wiser ,

A lot louder now.
I’ll remember that tightrope,

That walk alone,

That long hallway called

The safety zone.
The faces stayed the same,

The leader in me was not tame.

I did not accept that I would

Ever stay the same.
I remember seeing you back there,

Standing alone twirling your hair.

I remember those eyes,

They were closed for a while,

They weren’t open with that smile.
I thought worship was a place you

Made, and the place you stayed.

I used to think I never did ask those

Hard questions, like why did I stay so

Long, and why did I cry when it was

All gone?
I got the feeling like I made your

Prophecy come true,

Like it never was about anything

I needed to do.
It felt like nothing was affordable,

Like poverty was worship,

Like works was Sonship.
It felt like nothing was sensible,

Not even a little Friday night with

You, a little love for two, a little mystery

I wanted to keep about you..
I wish someone would have taught

Me, this love was portable,

This grace was never affordable.

This Gospel was never comfortable.
I walked all those tightropes

And I did it for you.

So why is risk never the

First clue, all my choices

Have been because of you

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