60 Days: Aug. 31st

Hooked on the night
Needed you in the right
Fan blowing on me,
Wanted you for the near me.
You had to get all education on me,
You had to get all never seem to text me.
I saw myself,
Putting that risk up on the shelf.
Sitting down at that table,
Asking you if you would be able.
I saw September,
It was getting first.
New years haven,
I’ll come back for this raven.
It sat on me, sat in me.
Even with silence you still
Talk to me.
What size shirt do you wear?
How is this Conneticut air.
Is it spelled right?
Are you correct?
Are you the one that
I could never suspect.
This fan is blowing.
This heat is rising.
The lack of you is
Never surprising.
Starbucks noon.
At you soon.
I am never the one to
Move the moon.
I see it clearer
Then ever before.
You are the one
That started this spin.
It was a win?
It was the begin.
But, to tell you the truth,
It feels like a spiral.
A downward kind.
A spin down the wrong
Path, where I feel I am
Storing up your wrath.

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