Atmosphere rearrange,

Music so strange,

Life is full of bigger screens,

But I’m chasing the unseen,

Finishing you off I could never 


Causing you to make the que,

Easier to never let go,

Cause I still got my head phones on,

And this love for the eschaton,

It never really went away,

But so do those sad days.

I wanted a brighter future,

Better furniture,

Why was that a mess?

Why did you call it like that?

WordPress just makes it one long


So this night is hot,

Burning me up Inside,

I thought I could hide,

I thought I could be the lied

To one.

I was just and then I was like 

You bought me tech, and 

The trek will be long,

I wanted this night to last 


Now you tell me it’s the atmosphere,

It’s the fading October air,

Cause it’s burden up in here.

I was lying ,

I wasnt telling the truth 

She still needs the one claiming 

This suit..

Now this night has me under ,

Cause Sunday will cause me 

Some thunder,

All those rules I’ve been breaking 

All the reasons I’ve been acting ,

It’s from running and getting high

Off of you ,

Cause I knew you were a bad memory

And I really knew it too.

I tried to get you to follow me ,

60 days of chaos,

Where I saw the dross,

Held the candle with it,

Knew the only sure seal 

Is the best kind of steal,

I’m not making it,

I’m just making it,

This style no one taught me.

I’m still that kid from 4th Street.

I’m still the one turning orange just 

To find you ,

Just to figure out that none of this 

Night will be remembered,

Your body though,

I got a lot of time to shred 

That memory too.

Atmosphere is here ,

So is this humid air.

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