Look I got it,
Its Monday.
Cause Sunday I was on it.
On looking for it.
At church,
At half,
At mass,
At full,
At the glass,
At the crystal,
At looking for the clear..
I get it.
I carried it away.
Got carried away.,
Got qued up for this
Office run a little to late.
I thought life would be
Easier if I was really ready,
Since when are you ever ready?
Its full,
Its throttle,
Its lightning in a bottle.
But when they looked my way,
They didn’t see that kind of storm,
They just saw a mess.
Bottled up for none to see.
Cause these characters are scarred
You see?
I am carried, too,
Carried by you.
Can’t find a new way to
Tempt you,
Just have to bottle it up
So, Monday me
And bottle me.
Either way its gonna
Stay locked away.
As tight as can be.

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