Drained from that drain,
Or, the no rain, no kind of pain weekend,
No, I messed that up again,
I kept you long again, kept you up again..
Got some labels,
Got some stickers,
Got somewhere I can put this,
But I can’t hang it yet,
Can’t play this song yet,
I am still behind the curtain,
And its all for You.
I wanted empty,
Wanted love for the softer,
Wanted excitement from the future,
But all I get is winter,
The soldiers I used to love.
Still off that high,
Still off to that high.
No, you ask me, have I ever thought
Of this,
Or have I ever thought of you,
Cause I won’t,
Cause I know its cause I can’t.
I can’t make that laugh fade away,
Or fade today.
That sun is never won.
But you, too, you are fading fast.
I wanted the past,
I wanted that back,
The parts with the better
Parts in it,
But now
But now its a different
Will this last?
Will you tell me the forecast?
Cause I got no protection this
No way of getting back to
Being weak.
You drained me, too.
You drained me enough, too.
All I had was spent on you,
All I was sure of was spent on

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