Today..Wednesday..Last week was Seattle..before that was Los Angeles..before that was the 7 cites..Chicago, St. Louis, to Columbus, Dayton, Lexington, and Indianapolis…

NOW is now..and I am here( I miss this)..

Every time I get practical in life. I start thinking creative ENFP thing for me to do..

Receipts, envelopes, iced coffee staring me down, but maybe I should sleep and dream about you?


“Life is about love, and love is a story, so tell good stories.”


No one can ever get away from what they really want in life unless you stop trying. So much of life has been about trying to say things without saying anything. I mean political conflict, an overly sexual culture of porn telling us what is good and sexy when really it does a lot of harm. A twitter/Insta/Facebook obsession that still will remain.


I am trying to formulate the depth of where all of this began..and part of it started on this blog. 2007 was the year of the messenger. I mean when I really said I want to preach the Gospel and it went hand and hand with wanting to be a writer kind of person.


Love without words is not good enough, but the wrong words isn’t love. Love without the real definition can’t be what it intends to be. The only way to know is to show the struggle that we are on in search of it.


I am here to say that in the middle of life being life..that is what I want. I want to find out how to tell great stories, and how to bring as many people into the journey with me.


I think you want that to.


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