The Lines

60 Days may just be unfolding right before your eyes. It is 5:37am. March 22nd(Thursday). Philidelphia to LAX leaves in less than an hour. This is how this always happens. I appreciate everyone who follows this thing. It is more than just a blog I feel like this is my life. My job as a creative person is to press into something new, and something worthwhile. Think to yourself. Do you want to last long? How long?


Wish I could wake up different,
With peace instead.
But that little talk with Ya,
That got me.
I want the lifelong,
The leave the light on for me.
The stay up night long with me.
I thought your love was, well,
I thought it was on.
Stranger things on,
TV on,
Purple lights in the night sky,
I saw those on, too.
I thought I saw something off,
Thought I saw that this track is slipping,
That this focus has been missing,
It has been missing You.
Wish I could open up,
You know, like I used to.
This whole thing started,
It started with you.
Now these lines are not planned or
Rehearsed, but these lines are long.
This life is long.
These lines, are they lifelong?
Are they moving me along?
Where are you here?
Are you near?
Cause when I sleep at night,
I wish I had no fear.
I am up late,
I am up early,
I am never really ever awake.
I see the numbers,
The numbers in red.
Are you waking me?
Or am I just consumed with
Are you on?
Are you reading these lines?
Are you the lifelong?
Are you gonna make this thing
last long?

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