I am here

What has inspired this 60 days thing..thoughts on where it has all been at for me..

 I am here. I promise. I tried turning this off and tuning you out. I tried the climb and the rooftop shout.

I am in the always part of everything and neither one is going away soon. I thought I could turn the dial down, and just seek you when I am in town. I thought I could turn you off and turn these noises down, but I realize freedom is found upside down.

 This is morning and where are you? This is day and what has happened to us?

I thought I could forget those days but those thoughts still burn ablaze.

 I am here. I promise. I tried tuning you out. I tried the hospital and in there I was calling out.

I lost your number but I think you lost mine. I am in search and I want it off. I want the stop, and the painless days to return. I want the peace that I thought I had to earn.

 I wanted the loudest of noises. I wanted you all to listen to me on here. I was a loveless sound because that is how it goes in this town.

 If it was to make a noise what would it make, and would you be the one to hear it.

 I am here. I won’t always be. There is only one option left in all of this. Only one way to tighten this grip.

It’s time to fight. It’s time for the fight of your life. Your love is on. This fight is on. It’s bravery now. That is the new song.

 I will stay here. I will be here as long it takes. I will open the books up again, but this time..show up.

Show up like you used to. Show up. Show up on time.

 I am here. I can’t make any promises.

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