#3: Turn

Louder Now


Shut it down, was it now?
Will it be later?
When will you come back for me, again?
I was looking up the weather,
I was staying cold, it was getting old.
Weren’t you the mold, and I, the maker?
Cause here is now,
Here is just a little off.
Circled it on the white board,
On the easel you got a painting
To come by,
And names to write now.
Shut it off,
I had that washed off.
Those stains you called
The soft spot.
No, I was kicked around by you,
I was watching me on you,
A little bit was a little bit worse,
Cause damage is just from a little
Touching, a little kissing.
Now it is shut,
No more power,
Now it is a rut,
No is a tower to
Hide under, a name
I can’t find any lower
Is the one I am carrying.
I told you promise,
I told you hope,
I told you light,
And I am writing this at night.
I need the shine up on me
Cause I am louder now,
I hope.
Cause you can’t be that easy of
A hope to chase,
If You can turn this,
Turn it on.

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