This Journey

Most of this blog the last few years has been about 97 percent poetic musings that have carried meaning from past and present events in my life. Most of us would relate to the idea that you write in multiple time zones of your life, and no one ever really knows how close to the heart it really is..because it doesn’t have to be.

So much time gets spent doing something you love..I hope so. If it doesn’t work out that way then your journey can be more difficult and lifeless then it should be. No one who gets older has any clue where they are going to end up. The hardest part of making progress is feeling like you aren’t. It could be true or it could be a feeling. Chances are it is more of a feeling than anything.

I am not alone in this journey but so much of it has really been about wanting to bring out the best parts of life and people in video and in pictures. I feel like that is the greatest part of my gaining and getting the opportunity to do that.

This has been the last week of pictures..all apart of the adventure of getting to live..

edited me smiling


jared reading edited







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