#4 Wondering the fountain

If I could start it off right,
I know I said that last night,
And I meant it,
But you were the went with it,
Now you had me here on the
Charging you for every care,
Weighing me down on the fare,
Cause it cost me all of me to
Find you,
I know I could never respond,
But I know I can’t either,
Coffee stains on this blue
Fridays left me in despair,
Why you gotta get going
on me?
Lost the pair of courage for
You, the pair of identity,
Now, I am ordering a new one,
A new set of burning.
Still going for the earning.
Still wondering the fountain,
Are you thirsty,
Or are you hungry?
I wanted love,
More than justice,
But both taste so good.
Are you gonna show up,
And hotel up on this?
Are you gonna wait for this
Magic to happen?
Or is failure your only
You were off a little,
You were of a bigger
You were off on the
Biggest of the smallest
Kind of dreams,
You were wanting me to
Take your place,
But I can’t.
I wonder this fountain,
I wonder this mystery
Called mountain,
Will you climb it for me?
Will you search it out for me?
Will you be the one, now,
The one and only called
Or are you a mystery,
Like you could never get
to know me?
I won’t start it off right,
But you can teach me
Teach me how to crossover.

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