Where is Joy?

I have often felt like..why am I still writing on this thing? It has 700 plus followers and could have 1 million. Why do you write? Why do any of us want what we think about to be public..is that always a good thing?

I might be to transparent about the fact that this online journal is my life but I have not always gone into the details about what day-to-day life is about. The exciting part is that the past decade of the Ruckus Journal has seen many day jobs, cities, living situations, and most of all relationships.

Catching you up on all of that..well..that is what I mean..what to do with all of that. This picture was taken 10 days ago and captures what life has been like the past few years. Working with Able Source( now I can really say it) and See Inside Virtual Tours..not that I didn’t want to talk about it years ago but so much of my experience has been just that..a great experience that I cannot always put language to.

Where is Joy? I mean where is the joy that you can find in something not always seen and experienced right away. Joy as a subject is a series of sermons. Joy as a lifestyle is a craving we have. Joy as a language is rarely spoken. Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t feel good all of the time? If you do feel like feeling good is a crime then you are not alone. If you always think it is then you might stay alone.

I am throwing this out there. Life is meant to be lived. I think we know that. I think we have to know that or else all you do is live a daily life, and guess what you have to.

Where is Joy? Where is the pride of excellence? Where do you get it from and where do you want to get it from?

Think about it.

edited me smiling

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