#5 Photos

God knows your photos,
Why you take them down,
And why you keep them up.
Is ready,
Ready for the grown up?
Cause I can’t picture you
I can’t,
Its a chore.
I asked for more,
For hunger.
For the work
that goes with the labor.
I wondered now,
Are you the living thing,
Or the only thing?
Are you in secret
All this time,
Or are You the One,
The one I can find.
Look, I want to say yes.
But I can’t say no.
So easily are you here.
But, I need you,
I need you to disappear.
This isn’t easy,
But it isn’t that hard.
I got bad luck,
I got the boulevard.
I walked it,
I used it,
No, I used to bus it.
Down this road,
In this college,
Sitting now by the
Next big memory to
I won’t call back,
Or leave you a note.
But I will tell you
I will miss the float.
The high,
The relax,
The bad tax
That came,
Cause all I did,
Was give you
My name.
I gave it away,
No, you did to,
It was a spin,
It was a sin,
It was everything I said
I will never do
I wonder now,
Will you cross to,
Over to blue?
Instead of gray,
Instead of black,
Instead of lack?
I draw near,
I draw further from You.

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